Computer security has become paramount in today’s connected world.  There is a persistent and constantly evolving threat from malware such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware.  Many of today’s infections use social engineering to lure their victims.  YOU are the best line of defense in keeping your computer free of malware.

TFW Computers has created this PowerPoint presentation as a reminder of how you can help protect your computer.

Watch this Security Presentation from TFW  Click on this line

TFW has a long history of repairing some of today’s worst infections.  Tools and methods to remove these infections are constantly evolving.  Some of the most popular services we offer are malware removal and data recovery.

* Keeping good backups of your important data is another necessity to protecting your data.  One of the many things that sets TFW Computers apart from the rest is we setup optimal backup and anti-malware solutions on all new systems we sell, free of charge.  On all new PC sales we sit down with you and personally show you how to use the tools we’ve provided to best protect your computer and its data.  This level of service after the sale is unmatched.