Why Buy TFW

What makes TFW better than other clone shops?

You may be asking yourself “What makes TFW better than other clone shops?” We have many reasons why we greatly surpass our competition. Here are just a few reasons.

  • We will only use quality recognized parts in our computers.
  • When you need assistance you are talking with those who put your computer together, and are very knowledgeable and helpful. That is MUCH better than a “1-800 number” or your “John Doe” salesman at the big retail store…or having to talk to someone in another country you can’t communicate with..
  • When you buy a system from us we will sit down with you for one hour or more, and tutor you on your new computer. All at no cost to you.
  • We often spend 8 or more hours setting up a new computer that we sell. We set it up with numerous software programs, and we customize it to perform as well as possible. All at no cost to you.
  • We put your system through over 24 hours of tests to make sure it is working properly before you ever pick it up.
  • We will transfer data from your old computer to your new (extra charge).
  • We will help you install (or install for you) your old programs (optional) into the new computer and back it all up for you so that if you have your computer go down (worst case) we can put it all back like it was with your data in a matter of minutes.
  • We can personally do on-site service in your home or business.
  • We can do networking in your home or business.
  • We are a well-established computer company that is family run and operated, and has been serving the Houston area since 1983.

Advantages to Buying a Custom Built Machine

Another reason to shop at TFW Computers is the kind of computer systems we sell. We build custom Microsoft compatible computers (clones), made to your specifications. The primary advantage of buying a built machine is upgrade ability. When you buy prebuilt machines, such as ones you often see in large retail chains, you can do very little upgrading to them since they use proprietary parts. These non-standard parts, such as their motherboards, can be replaced only by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for repair. Upgrades are also very limited with a prebuilt computer. Most of the parts in the computer cannot be upgraded, such as the motherboard. With a clone every part of the system can be upgraded.

Another advantage to buying a built machine is YOU are the one who gets to decide what goes into your system. With prebuilt systems you are not given the choice of what you can put in your new computer. When buying a prebuilt system the descriptions are often vague. They will usually quote “SVGA” “XXXX Size Hard Drive” “15” monitor” “Intel processor?” “Sound Card” etc. These descriptions are telling you very little of what you would actually be getting in your system.

When you buy a TFW system you get to choose what brand video card you want in your system, how fast it should be, and how much memory you wish the card to have. The prebuilt system usually has a cheaper video chip, which is a part of the motherboard, and not truly an independent device on your computer system. We only use quality video manufacturers. This integration is not only limited to video. Video and modems on most pre-built computers also have a tendency to be soldered onto the motherboard (integrated), limiting future expansion capabilities of the system.

Also, with a built machine you get to choose exactly what size hard drive you want, and what brand HD. Western Digital is one of the highest rated hard drives, and it is the brand hard drive we usually put in all of our systems. With prebuilt systems you usually find hard drives with much less quality, and slower speed. A good hard drive is important, as hard drives with better quality traditionally last longer and do a better job of protecting your crucial data.

Most systems already come with Intel processors, and they are the processors we put in all of our systems. Now that you have read a few reasons why buy a true built machine, you can make a better choice when you buy your next computer.

We go over every component with you helping you pick the parts best suited for your needs. We have remained in business since April 1983 because we have helped so many of our customers make the better decisions.

We want you to be so satisfied with your computer that you, your neighbors, and your friends will buy your next computer from us. Support after the sale is IMPORTANT!